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Life Is Not What You Think It Is

Yo yo yo yo ~ XDD As i promise to update my journal at least once a week XD .. So here we goes..

I went to PC Fair last Friday ( 15th April 2011) Which is on Arioka Daiki's b'day XD After school , i straight away bathed and prepared to go to PC Fair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center which is located near the Surai KLCC Mall XD Went there by train :D I went there with my bro and my ex classmate a.k.a my bro's friend lil bro and his dad .. Yea.. My friend's name is Eric XD Anyway , we went there and just watch whatever they sell like computer , headphones and etc. While i was there , i saw this huge giant picture of SNSD or known as Girl's Generation ( that group  is from Korea in case if you don't know ) Here are the picture XD

It was at the Intel Malaysia booth XD So i took some brochure of SNSD for one of my best friend's cousin xD All of us finish went around the exhibition at 4.30 pm .. We went for lunch at that time XD And after that , Eric and his dad went bak while me decided to go to Kinokuniya to check if HSJ Calendar already arrive or not.. ANd yea XD It's already arrived XD


Then my parents came at 6.30 pm to see the exhibition too.. So my bro and i went for the second time.. And my dad bought a hard disk for me .. Instead of laptop cause i don't want one .. It's a waste of money to buy me a laptop now.. Wait until i get into college or university , then u can buy me one if you want XDD Around 8.45 pm , we went back home XD I shouldn't talk too much here since i wanted to start studying and do my homework because my exam is next month DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDX Eventhough it's at 16th of May but you won't realize that time pass by really fast.. T^T And i'm going to have my oral next week  .. XO English and Bahasa Melayu oral .. -..- OMG..  Anyway XD I should end it here XDD Bye BYE ~ :DD


Apr. 27th, 2011 06:39 am (UTC)
:) It's RM 116 and you'll get 20% discount for the calendar if you purchase other books there :)

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