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The Beauty Of The Nature


KONNICHIWA~ XDDDD The pic above is actually i took it from the garden.. It's a japanese type of roses xD I don't like pink but somehow i love the pink colour on the roses.. Anyway xD , i updated my journal today while waiting for my dad to pick me and my mom up for lunch.. AND BREAKFAST T^T Yea.. I didn't eat breakfast yet.. and now it's like already 12.06 pm -..- I'm so starving until i ate some healthy cookies and of curse it's CHOCO flavour XD Ok.. Now i start to talk crap maybe due to watch to much HSJ videos XDDDD and it's make me hyper right now.. Should i talk about my rabbit or HSJ right now? Maybe about my rabbit since i'm going to have my english oral tomorrow DX I decided to talk about my rabbit..

This is some of the pic of my rabbit XD


As you see the pictures above XD That is my rabbit XD It's name is " Chom Chom" and don't ask me why i named it like that xDMy rabbit is soooo kwaii until the word "Chom Chom" came out from my mouth.. that's why i called it "Chom Chom" I get Chom Chom last year which is on my birthday XD 18 Oct :) at 12.30 am .. It's a birtday present from one my best friends :)) Her name is Adilah XD She is one of the friend that i can just let go and no-need-to-think-before-i-talked friend XDD She have almost all same hobbies as me i mean not all but most of it XDD LOL.. Now i don't know what to talk about my rabbit .__. I think i need to end this journal right now since my dad is going to reach soon~ Sayonara ~ XDDD


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