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A Fresh New Start

:D Well... Honestly , i posted some of journal entries before this .. But i deleted it because it's seems like i type it in a childish way ( I was only 14 years old that time XP) And I didn't update my journal for like 2 years since i'm busy with my school life :) When i'm online , i only went to hey_say community@lj , facebook for checking some updates from my friends around the world and update on j=pop entertainment at Tokyohive :DDD And plus , i'm not the blogger type of person cause i'm not really into it .. Maybe because of the word "busy" is really prevent me from blogging.. Anyway , let's jump to other topic since the story of my life is kinda sounds boring XDD

Let me introduce myself from scratch..
Here are some facts about me : (if you want to know , i doubt if got anybody interested about it anyway XP)
  1. I'm a BIG FANATIC of Hey! Say! JUMP
  2. Love J-POP too ( i like some artist such as Yuna Ito, Yui, CHEMISTRY , EXILE , BoA , Kuroki Meisa , Girls Next Door , Tokyo Girl's Style.. I mean other artist that are not from Johnny's Entertainment XD )
  4. Love JAPAN :3
  5. My hobbies are cooking and baking eventhough i've never bake before XDD
  6. Like to make new friends (But i'm kinda a type of shy person .__. )
  The end of some facts about me XD Some of you may already read my past journal entries..  I did mention one of the important exam in my country for all the students that are 15 years old and it called  "PMR" as in the short form for " Penilaian Menengah Rendah" or in english XDD "Lower Secondary Assessment'  Go google it if you want to know more about it XDD   back to the topic.. The result that i get for the exam was kinda average XDD I got 5A's than 8A's .. It's still not good enough for me.. Going to do my best for next year major exam XD Now , let's change to other topics XDD (sorry for being tooo ... H.Y.P.E.R) 

  As many of you knows , this year , which is the year of 2011 , Japan had been hit by a 9.0-magnitudeunderseamegathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred at 14:46 JST (05:46 UTC) on Friday, 11 March 2011. ( Taken from Wikipedia) ... I was really sad about it as Japan is my most favourite country in the world.. It was a sad news for almost everyone in the world.. I was planning to donate some money to Japanese Red Cross Society :) I just don't know why but somehow , this year was really a bad year for me as i received some of the bad news like my friend that was fighting with the lung cancer for almost two years had finally "moved on" on 30th of March which is two days after his sweet sixteen birthday :"( as that word " passed away " is still hurts no matter how polite it may sounds.And my friend's name is Siow E Kent ..

A Picture of my late friend , Siow E Kent

Let be in a silence moment for a while .... * in a silence moment*

Ok.. XD Back to the story .. I don't really know him but he really inspire me about what life is about :)

Anyway , let's moved on with other things , as i mentioned above that i'm a big fanatic of Hey! Say! JUMP.. XD These are my Top 5 Fav Members List ( as for now cause it might change XD)
The other's 5 members is juat at the state of " Like" XD  Well , i can't wait to buy their calendar when i go to PC Fair at KLCC with my brother on 15th of April 2011 which is on Arioka Daiki's birthday XDD I think i need to end this journal cause i've nothing to talk already XDD

Thanks to those who spend some of their time on reading this journal .. I really appreciate it eventhough i know my journal is boring and doesn't sounds fun :))) And a MESSAGE to the communities that i joined ( to the admin of the communities) ; One of the rules for joining in the communities is "Your journal entries must be more than ___ " , or maybe " Your journal entries must be updated at least once in a week or etc.." .. :I'm so sorry for not obeying this rules as i'm quite busy with my sudies and some other event in my school and I'LL TRY TO UPDATE AT LEAST ONCE IN A MONTH if it satisfiy you .. I will obey all rules except the one like above which i'll try my best to obey it.. I hope you understand my situation .. >O< Arigatou for the understanding..

P/S  Sorry if there any grammar mistakes or typo mistakes


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